Weekend trip to La Ciotat

A few weeks back I flew over to South of France to see Chay for the weekend. It was so nice to see each other again, and also for me to relax and not stress about final year exams and dissertation.. I was there from Friday until Monday, but we didn’t really have much planned, which was good to be fair. Just took it easy, went out for meals and enjoyed each other's company :) However, one thing we wanted to do was to drive up to the Route des Crêtes, which is a really pretty scenic route on the coastline roughly between La Ciotat and Cassis. So many beautiful views up there, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best, so at every scenic spot we hopped out to take a few quick snaps and carried on. About half-way through it started raining really heavily so we turned back, as it seemed quite dangerous. Got some good snaps though!

I played around with different editing styles this time, some pictures have a cleaner look, for some I added grain to give a film-look, some are more saturated, some have more pinks.. Pictures of myself are of course taken by Chay - turning him slowly into a photographer hehe.. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the visuals! :)