One more place ticked off the bucket list - Cape Town, South Africa

I've been wanting to visit Cape Town for years after seeing how incredible this place looks through other peoples photos and videos. Finally we managed to organise a nice little two-week holiday, I actually shed a tear when we booked the flights, haha! I was just crazy excited for this trip and knew all the locations and I wanted to visit whilst there. We spent two weeks in the country and it is one of my favourite places I've ever visited, such a chilled vibe with so many outdoorsy activities available at your doorstep. Truly a dream.

There's so much more to South Africa though, and we will definitely be back soon!

Enjoy the pictures and the drone video in the end. x

Short winter break in Brugge

Chay has always told me about his memories of visiting Brugge multiple times as a kid, and has always said he wanted to take me there to experience it. We decided to go over for a short break before Christmas, and it was really fabulous! The fairytale cobbled streets, colourful houses and horse drawn carriages make it into a charming little town. It was such a good time just having a little break and spending quality time together - eating delicious food, drinking Belgium beer and exploring around town.

Here's a few shots from the trip, enjoy!

Long weekend in Barcelona

Me and Chay went to Barcelona in the summer for a long weekend break. Took my camera with me everywhere we went to capture this amazing and vibrant city. I felt that the grainy and retro film look fits well with the colours of the place so the photo editing is inspired from that. I also made a video in which I captured the sounds and textures of the city - you can find that at the end of the post.

Hiking up Ben Nevis

Having hiked up Snowdon (highest mountain in Wales) and Scafell Pike (highest mountain in England), it was time to go up Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland! We arrived at Fort William the day before and weather was not looking promising, we thought we might not be able to get to the top the next day. My friend George happened to climb up on that day and they got absolutely soaked in rain, unlucky.  Fortunately for us, it cleared up for the next day so it turned out to be a really enjoyable climb! Here's a few shots, enjoy! 

Winnats Pass

On the last day that Chay was at home, we decided to go check out Winnats Pass at Peak District. This was actually my first time going to the Peaks and I really enjoyed the short trip. Will definitely go for day trips there again as it is close to Manchester. It was really easy to get there by car, and Winnats Pass is just a short walk through the fields from the car park. We used the Peaks Collective guide which was helpful! 

Can't wait to go back soon! So many other peaks to explore there :)
Enjoy the shots!

Weekend trip to La Ciotat

A few weeks back I flew over to South of France to see Chay for the weekend. It was so nice to see each other again, and also for me to relax and not stress about final year exams and dissertation.. I was there from Friday until Monday, but we didn’t really have much planned, which was good to be fair. Just took it easy, went out for meals and enjoyed each other's company :) However, one thing we wanted to do was to drive up to the Route des Crêtes, which is a really pretty scenic route on the coastline roughly between La Ciotat and Cassis. So many beautiful views up there, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best, so at every scenic spot we hopped out to take a few quick snaps and carried on. About half-way through it started raining really heavily so we turned back, as it seemed quite dangerous. Got some good snaps though!

I played around with different editing styles this time, some pictures have a cleaner look, for some I added grain to give a film-look, some are more saturated, some have more pinks.. Pictures of myself are of course taken by Chay - turning him slowly into a photographer hehe.. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the visuals! :)

UK Roadtrip

Me and Chay went on a spontaneous week-long roadtrip in the South of UK last week. We had a rough idea what route to follow, but we didn't book anything in advance and took it day by day. We almost didn't go because of the snow warnings all across the country, but luckily we managed to avoid it, even though we had some heavy rainfall in Weymouth. That was the only day when we didn't get up to much - went to the pub for a meal and watched TV in our hotel. :) Other days, however, were filled with exploring Oxford, Brighton, Weymouth, Jurassic Coast (Durdle Door), Bath and Clifton Suspension bridge. Enjoy the snaps! 

Tarn Hows

Went for a walk at the Tarn Hows path just before the sunset. This was my first time walking around that area - beautiful majestic views and golden hour made the trek very enjoyable. 


As me and Chay are not celebrating Christmas together this year (we never actually have haha), we decided to plan something christmassy together. Chay had a great idea of going for a little weekend away in Munich just before the holidays. We had an awesome 3-4 days there, mostly spent the time at the Christmas markets stuffing our faces with bratwurst and sauerkraut whilst sipping on glühwein or the local's favourite Helles beer. As usual, we did try to go off the tourist path as well, which led us to visit a rooftop bar of the local university, watching Courteeners in a really small venue and playing curling with the locals. We also had time to go to the NS Dokuzentrum museum to learn more about Munich's dark history, visit the BMW Welt and go on top of St. Peter's church. Enjoy the snaps!